First Home Buyer Coaching

Cut Through the Confusion of Where To Start and Let Us Guide You Through the Process.

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Geoff is by your side through every step of the home buying process and his service is completely free! From planning out your finances, to sourcing the most suited mortgage broker, solicitor and builder, overseeing your build and ensuring you’re eligible for the $15,000 First Home Buyers Grant, Geoff’s cost is completely absorbed within the construction fee.

The bottom line is that the longer you wait, the bigger your mortgage will be as a result. Local property prices have been forecasted to rise by 20% in the next 3 years. In dollar value, the median house price in South East Queensland is $500,000, so you can expect to pay an additional $100,000 for the average home by 2022.

Industry experience and knowledge are invaluable when making such a big financial decision, get the best advice on your team.

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6 Step Guide To Buying Your First Home

Our First Home Buying Coaching
Helps Clients Achieve:

The Australian dream of proudly owning their own slice of paradise.
The Best
Possible Price
Bountiful local market knowledge and 28 years experience with property mean you have the tools to negotiate your way to an exceptionally fair price point on your purchase and mortgage.
Getting The Right Price For Your Home
Providing you with a checklist of processes ensures there are no surprises or unexpected stresses in processing your purchase when contractors under quote.
Ensuring Quality Before Payment
To ensure the home is 100% at completion, Geoff will recommend an independent inspector to identify any last-minute fixes required by
the builder.

First Home Buying

Who We Help

Each person has their own reason for craving the freedom of home ownership and we appreciate that, which is why our services are tailored to the needs of each individual client.
Hard Working Individuals
We can help design excellent outcomes for individuals with next to no existing assets.
Dual income earners have great flexibility and we help couples realise this in the form of fast track to owning a dream home.
Busy Professionals
We understand some clients just don’t have time to do the legwork involved in mountains of market research, which is where we can assist.
For those that move for work, travel frequently or choose to live in locations where properties are not rising in value.

Dear First Home Buyer,

Is your cost of housing getting you closer to owning a home?

Your hard-earned income spent on rent each week has the potential to secure your future but it isn’t right now, is it?

That feeling of dread as you’re working but can never quite get ahead looms over you year after year. 

Each direct debit from your bank account gets you no closer to the day the keys are delivered for your dream home.

Imagine pulling into your driveway and realising you never have to move again. 

That’s what life looks like once you take a few calculated steps and make decisions now that your future and family will benefit from. The freedom to travel to that tropical destination, assured retirement security for a long, comfortable life, assets to pass down, it’s a sunny outlook once you stop procrastinating and start.

Take the first step by booking an obligation-free 30 minute strategy session with me over the phone and get your income working for you. 

I look forward to speaking with you and getting the ball rolling on your secured future.

Geoff Tomkins

Director of GCT Property

First Home Buying

How We Do It

Hear what GCT Property client have to say:

Here what others have experienced working with
Geoff and the team

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Sue & Russell


How much does your service cost?

Free, If its a new property I negotiate for the builder to pay my costs and you pay the same price.

Are there other costs we need to plan for?

Yes the finance specilaist will calculate and explain those costs as they vary.

Do you help or recommend other services such as finance, legal, builders, inspections?

Yes absolutely, many I use personally or you’re welcome to choose your own.

Do we get to choose floorplans that suit our requirements?

Yes, its your home, as long as we match the design to fit the block of land.

Do I need a deposit?

Yes you will, however we do help those clients looking to get started and put a plan in place and there are options.

30-Minute First Home Buying
Game Plan Call

Speak with a seasoned expert and have all of your first home buying questions answered with a free one-on-one call or in person meeting.

From this call you can expect: Debt reduction and financing tips, introduction to a suitable broker if required, and timeframe guidelines with actionable next steps to take.


3 Free Resources For You As A Prospective Home Buyer

We want to share our lifetime of experience with you and would love to discover how we can help you reach your unique property goal.

6 Step Guide To Buying Your First Home
7 things you must know before making a property investment decision
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