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Be Confident In Your Investment Decisions and Turn Out a Sustainable Profit

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From mapping out a cash flow forecast alongside you to sourcing the most suited finance, solicitor, builder and property manager, Geoff’s cost is completely absorbed. 

As investment specialists, we plan your property to be a modern-designed, low maintenance property in the right area to ensure you get consistent occupancy and rental income. The service doesn’t end there either. Your investment property coach stays with you post-completion to assist you with landlords insurance and third party construction quality checks, offering you support for the life of your property ownership should you require it.

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7 things you must know before making
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Our Investment Property Coaching
Helps Clients Achieve:

Beneficial decision-making for your investment property purchase.

A Pain-Free
The step by step guide we have perfected over years of investing ourselves.
A Consistently Occupied Property
With mindful planning and design, we assist you to create a low maintenance property that will keep your rental income flowing.
A Supplemented Income
Securing your retirement and unlocking a future of stability, travel, financial freedom and inheritance for your family are just some of the possibilities you unlock with an investment property.

Wealth Builders

Who We Help

Each client has their own motivation for investing in property and we truly appreciate that, which is why our services are tailored to the needs of each individual client wishing to grow their wealth.
Hard Working Individuals
We can help design excellent outcomes for individuals with next to no existing assets.
Dual income earners have great flexibility and we help couples realise this in the form of fast track to owning a dream home.
Busy Professionals
We understand some clients just don’t have time to do the legwork involved in mountains of market research, which is where we can assist.
Owners of Multiple Properties
Managing a property portfolio and seeking out new investment opportunities is a position with unique requirements.

Dear Aspiring Property Investor,

Do You feel like you go to work, pay the bills and what’s left over put towards the next holiday. Maybe you think there must be a better way. 

Are your wages working to build you a secondary income stream?

Your hard-earned savings have the potential to expand your future but they aren’t right now, are they?

That feeling of dread as you grind away but can’t see how you’ll ever get past your current mortgage, looming in the back of your mind.

Well great news (high 5 yourself) THERE IS A BETTER WAY

Imagine leveraging your current assets and having part of your mortgage paid off through rental income, without you working a single hour more each week.

That’s what life looks like once you take a few calculated steps and make decisions now that your future and family will benefit from. The freedom to travel, assured retirement security, substantial assets to pass down, it’s a sunny outlook once you cut through the confusion and get some advice from the people who have been successfully doing this for 28 years.

Take the first step by booking an obligation-free 30 minute strategy session with me over the phone or in person and get your assets working harder for you. I will give you the seven steps you must take to having someone else (the tenant) pay off your asset. I will show you

How easy it can be with the right advice. Any concerns or questions can be answered in our meeting.    

I look forward to speaking with you and getting the ball rolling on your unlimited future. As thinking about it wont make you any profits.

Geoff Tomkins

Director of GCT Property

First Home Buying

How We Do It

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Geoff and the team

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Do I need a cash deposit?

Not necessarily. If you have a property with equity it can be smarter to use that.

Will I find a tenant?

Yes, I only recommend areas with low vacancy rates and be guided by a quality property manager. I have used multiple strategies to solve this.

How much should I spend on an investment property?

That will depend on your borrowing capacity and level of comfort, we discuss on an individual basis.

Do we get support after the property is purchased

Yes my level of service extends well beyond the property purchase. I am always available for advice and recommend an annual catchup to check everything is going smoothly.

30-Minute Investment Property
Tactics Call

Speak with a seasoned local investor and have your property questions answered with a free one-on-one call.

From this call you can expect: Debt reduction and financing tips, introduction to a broker suited to your situation (if required) and a brief to source a hand-selected range of properties within your criteria, along with actionable next steps to take.


3 Free Resources For You As A Prospective Home Buyer

We want to share our lifetime of experience with you and would love to discover how we can help you reach your unique property goal.

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7 things you must know before making a property investment decision
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