Self-Managed Super Funds Property

Buying property through Self managed super fund (SMSF enables you to earn superior returns in a highly tax effective manner. Our SMSF service includes:
  • Meeting with clients to discuss how property can enhance your financial objectives.
  • Conduct market research to source locations that will show growth
  • Identifying those locations to a managble list
  • Provide a PIA to show cashflows of the property within your SMSF
  • Negotiate on price
  • Source a efficient property manager
The great benefit from investing in property with your super fund is that it doesn’t affect your daily cash flow. In order to create a strong retirement fund through property investments, one must be diligent and careful and this is where we can help.

The Benefits of buying property in your SMSF?

  • More control of where your super is invested
  • The borrowing is usally safer within a SMSF
  • Lower tax on the income received from rent
  • No capitals gains tax on property when you retire

The types or real estate I can buy within my SMSF

  • 1. Residential
  • 2. Commercial
  • 3. Industrial property

Why use our services?

By using our services you will make a safer investment choice for your hard earned super fund. We follow a strict due diligence process to identify the right types of investment properties that will out-perform the average. You will also benefit from the following:
  • Access to properties not yet on the market
  • Give you acces to market conditions
  • Source discounted properties
  • Give our clients independent advice
  • Show you Locations that are growing